5 ways we help our Partner investors improve their teams

Becoming a Partner member will improve your teams, thanks to free training and opportunities to improve presentation and networking skills.

From free training to perfecting presentations and networking, it’s not only the business that benefits when you become a Partner member, the people in the business get plenty out of it too!

Read all about the perks below and then speak to our team to find out how to become a Partner member: 01494 927130 / membership@bbf.uk.com.

Free training for your team at expert workshops

Partner members get four free tickets to all of our ‘Focus on’ workshops, meaning you can provide valuable training for you and your team for free.

Workshop topics vary in a way you would expect from a diverse and knowledgeable business community, covering areas like:

  • Sales
  • Marketing/digital marketing
  • Business planning
  • Networking skills
  • Productivity
  • Leadership skills
  • Website training
  • LinkedIn training
  • Facebook marketing
  • Business finance

Tickets usually cost £20 + VAT each, so there’s a potential £80+ saving from just one workshop!

And that’s not to mention the value to your business from training up to four people in an area that you want to improve upon.

Free networking

Get your team out and about for less with a Partner membership.

Our Simply Networking events are a great way for client-facing team members to get out and meet businesses. Each Partner member gets one free ticket to every Simply Networking event that we run, otherwise priced at £15 a ticket.

Partner members also get one free ticket to one of our high-profile Business Leaders’ Dinners, perfect either for a Managing Director or someone who you are grooming to become a leader within the business. These tickets are priced at £70 for everyone else, so it’s a nice saving too.

Writing articles for our website and newsletter

Do you have knowledge to share with the Buckinghamshire business community? Have you ever thought about writing an article and sharing it with our 11,500-strong membership?

Not only is this a great way to get your business some promotion and show yourselves to be informative and helpful, you can also give the task of writing the article to someone in your team.

If it’s normally you who writes content, but you’d rather be spending time running the business, give a team member the task and add another string to their bow. You may have a budding writer just waiting to burst out. Send a group email or shout out in the office to see if anyone fancies taking on the task. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Or perhaps you already have a copywriter who takes responsibility for content creation, in which case they will probably be itching to get their work in another publication.

Partner members can not only get their business support articles on our website, they can also get them featured in our fortnightly newsletter that goes to over 11,500 businesses. That’s quite the audience to reach!

Hosting member-to-member workshops

Partner members can host member-to-member workshops that inform and inspire those in attendance – but those running the workshops can benefit in many ways too.

Not only will you showcase your business as a knowledgeable source of information, you can utilise and add to the skillset of your team by encouraging them to help you run a workshop, either in tandem with you or on their own.

This is perfect if you are trying to build the confidence of team members, especially those who are or will be customer-facing. Or perhaps you are already training a protégé to take over presenting duties at events and workshops and want to give them more experience.

Investing in your employee’s personal and professional development is always worth it, and this way you can utilise your team’s knowledge and increase their skillset at the same time.

Plus, when you’re a Partner member, we actively promote your workshops for you on social media and in our newsletter, so there will be even more people in attendance to learn from your great team!

Free meeting room space

Holding meetings with potential clients can be a minefield. Do you have a room big enough for everyone who’s coming? Does your meeting room convey the right tone? Are the tea and coffee supplies stocked up?

Whether you are pitching to a potential new client, trying to close a sale or holding a knowledge-sharing meeting, you may not have the room capacity required, you may want something more professional, or you may just want to hold the meeting away from your office or somewhere easier for the other party to get to.

We have four different Hubs across the county with professional meeting room space available – and Partner members receive 16 hours of free meeting room hire at these venues.

All Buckinghamshire Business First members also receive a 10% discount at all Buckinghamshire New University locations: the High Wycombe Campus, Missenden Abbey, University College Aylesbury Vale (UCAV) and Uxbridge. Each Hub comes with free wi-fi and tea and coffee facilities.

So the next time one of your team has an important meeting to close that sale, or pitch that new product or service, they have a choice of professional spaces in which to do so.

Learn more about becoming a Partner investor

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