Are you thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle for work?

Alongside the charity Global Action Plan and Buckinghamshire Council, we are supporting businesses that want to purchase an electric vehicle (EV).

The Buckinghamshire EV Project includes guidance to help smooth the transition to EVs and more sustainable travel. The support is aimed at businesses with more than 100 employees.

Have questions about electric vehicles?

Global Action Plan have compiled a guide to EVs for employers and employees, complete with information on:

  • Why you should switch to an electric vehicle
  • Support available to help purchase or lease an EV 
  • Tax benefits for switching to an EV 
  • Support for EV charging

Download the guide here >

Tell Bucks Council what support you need with electric vehicles

Buckinghamshire Council is working with Global Action Plan to understand how people in the county travel to and from work.

Buckinghamshire Council is committed to tackling climate change and has set a date to achieve net carbon zero for Buckinghamshire by 2050. They are keen to support local businesses and their employees, so learning about your travel needs will go some way to ensuring sustainable infrastructure and services are introduced.

They have created an Electric Vehicle Employer Survey, which only takes three minutes to complete.

The answers collected will help to build an understanding of businesses’ transport and employee travel needs, in particular, the needs of those that drive electric vehicles, or those that are interested in driving electric vehicles in 2022 or beyond.

Take the short survey here >

The Buckinghamshire EV Project is funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Learn more about electric vehicle support in Buckinghamshire on the Bucks Council website.

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