Buckinghamshire, Brexit and beyond

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Buckinghamshire Brexit Summit

The Buckinghamshire Brexit Summit, held alongside Buckinghamshire County Council, took a long look at how the county is preparing for Brexit and what the future may hold for local businesses.

Roundtable discussions on the day highlighted many issues that businesses would like clarity and movement on. Thoughts included:

On global trading:

  • A central bank of contacts locally and nationally for exporting support
  • Financial help to export, possibly in the form of subsidies
  • Exporting skills training
  • Greater promotion of the Department for International Trade

On skills and recruitment:

  • Predicting and preparing for what jobs will be around in 10-15 years’ time
  • Long term government view required on the labour market
  • Possible incentives for studying degrees in sought after jobs and sectors
  • More promotion of and support for T-Levels and apprenticeships

On red tape:

  • Simplifying the language around regulations to make them more accessible and understandable
  • Brexit being a good chance to wipe the slate clean on red tape and ensure there isn’t an overabundance of regulations


  • A buddy system whereby larger companies mentor smaller ones on issues they struggle with

Stay on top of Brexit

Brexit will of course continue to dominate the news cycle in 2018, with businesses braced for the impact and busy looking for opportunities that may come their way.

The Brexit section on our website will be the hub for all the latest Brexit news and events that local businesses need to know about, so check back over the coming weeks and months for the latest.

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