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Talking Heads is the podcast from Buckinghamshire Business First that explores what makes Buckinghamshire the ‘Entrepreneurial Heart of Britain’ through conversations with local business leaders and personalities.

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Episode 7

Talking the future of work with Cathryn Barnard

Cathryn Barnard, Director & Co-Founder of Working the Future, joins Buckinghamshire Business First MD Philippa Batting to discuss a few of the significant trends transforming the workplace.

Cat has a long background in building and nurturing high-performing teams for success outcomes. Her interest in human dynamics has transferred to her expert analysis of the future of work, and her insights help business leaders futureproof their commercial activities.

Listen to episode 7 here >

Episode 6

How small businesses can change the world

Our Climate Change Manager (and all-round low carbon hero) Daniel Cope recently chatted to Jo Fairley, co-founder of Green & Black’s chocolate and one of the UK’s leading eco business pioneers, about the outlook for businesses during the cost of living crisis, how small businesses are best placed to change the world…. and how Blue Peter helped influence her approach to business!

This podcast, which was recorded at our Net Zero MK event in October 2022, was supported by Low Carbon Workspaces, a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund and managed by Ngage Solutions, part of the Buckinghamshire Business First Group

Listen to episode 6 here >

Episode 5

Talking carbon emissions – the business opportunity to reduce them

In conversation with Philippa Batting, BBF’s Climate Change Programme Manager Daniel Cope explains clearly and concisely how businesses can measure and reduce their carbon emissions – and what support is available to help them do it.

The two have an honest conversation about the reasons why employers may delay tackling their carbon emissions, and why, in the face of climate change and skyrocketing energy prices, there are limitless benefits to facing the challenge head on.

Listen to episode 5 here >

Episode 4

Talking accessibility with Vicky Hope-Walker

Speaking with Vicky Hope-Walker, CEO of the National Paralympic Heritage Trust, about Buckinghamshire’s place in history as the Birthplace of the Paralympics, how the trust ensures its services are accessible, the value to businesses of being welcoming to all, the places in Bucks that are already getting it right, and some practical ideas for businesses to implement.

Listen to episode 4 here >

Episode 3

From Stowe to Bowie – why Simon Calder loves Buckinghamshire

Broadcaster Simon Calder joins Buckinghamshire Business First Managing Director Philippa Batting to reveal his favourite places in Bucks, the county’s green credentials, why international travel issues are an opportunity and a challenge for Bucks’ tourism and hospitality industry, and much more.

The two chatted just before Simon hosted the Bucks Future Tourism Summit – you can watch his speech here (and check out the rest of the event too!)

Listen to episode 3 here >

Episode 2

Talking up Bucks

Michael Garvey is joined by Martin Tett, Leader of Buckinghamshire Council, with the pair talking about the future of the local economy and town centres, hybrid working, Bucks as a tourism destination, the strength of our local business community, and why the council works closely with Buckinghamshire Business First.

Listen to episode 2 here >

Episode 1

Talking Heads: Taking to the airwaves

In the debut episode of Talking Heads, Buckinghamshire Business First Chairman Michael Garvey talks innovation, football shirts and ‘The Power of We’ with Sir Stuart Hampson, the former Chair of the John Lewis Partnership and Deputy Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire.

Listen to episode 1 here >

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