Dux Advisory: Bucks Business Awards sponsor

We are speaking to each of our brilliant Business Awards Sponsors to hear why they are involved with the awards.

Dux Advisory - sponsors of the Business Leader of the Year Award

Dux Advisory are accountants and advisors that help businesses and individuals navigate their finances, reach their goals, and make better decisions confidently.

What do the Buckinghamshire Business Awards mean to Dux Advisory?

"This is our first year of sponsoring an award at the Buckinghamshire Business Awards and we are delighted to be part of such an amazing event, sponsoring the Business Leader of the Year Award. We have attended the awards ceremony for many years and it gives businesses in the county a great platform to show what they are about.

"Having recently rebranded, this was the perfect opportunity for us to be involved and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer our support in the process of shortlisting and judging. Our business is all about guiding and leading our clients, as well as the next generation of accountants and business advisors locally, and therefore we felt sponsoring this award was profound and in line with our beliefs. 

"We look forward to learning more about our local businesses and the people that make up our wonderful community, and to build on and grow new and existing relationships within it."

How important is it to you to celebrate the entrepreneurs and leaders who have the vision and energy to start and build a business from scratch?

"With an already thriving and supportive business community, Buckinghamshire is an exciting place for any entrepreneur to start their new business. 

"We’re very proud to be part of such a community here at Dux Advisory and would encourage, welcome and indeed celebrate anyone that spotted an opportunity, perhaps took a risk, and ultimately committed to launching an idea, product or service in order to make a difference in our area.

"We’re looking forward to hearing from business leaders with stories that will undoubtedly inspire us all!"

You are also an Ambassador member of Buckinghamshire Business First. Does this, and your awards sponsorship, make you feel more closely connected to the local business community?

"As Ambassador members of BBF, we’re proud to play our part in helping to shape the future of business in Buckinghamshire.

"By sponsoring the Business Leader of the Year Award, we hope it will allow us to give back, support and guide other businesses that are operating in our brilliant community."

What would you say to anyone that is thinking of entering the Business Leader of the Year category? (N.B. This article was published before the entry deadline, which has now passed)

"If you are so much as thinking about entering, then you most definitely should! 

"As business leaders ourselves, we know how much goes into running a business, and these awards are your chance to showcase your hard work and everything you’ve achieved as a business leader. 

"Entering the Buckinghamshire Business Awards can also help you to grow your network and gain added credibility and publicity for your organisation. 

"What are you waiting for, business leaders of Buckinghamshire? Let these awards be the stage for celebrating you and what you’ve accomplished."

Sponsorship opportunities available

There are lots of sponsorship opportunities available in connection to the Buckinghamshire Business Awards. Download the Sponsorship Opportunities brochure or email awards@bbf.uk.com for more information.

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