Reaching out to isolated business owners

By Philippa Batting, Managing Director, Buckinghamshire Business First

Connections make the world go round

There are moments that remind us that we are all part of something bigger, all interconnected, whether it’s a view of Earth from space, memories of a locked down world, a major sports event, a historic event like a coronation, or even a national tragedy.

For those of us immersed in the world of businesses, we know that a business eco system thrives on its connections.

No business operates in isolation, but business owners often do.

All businesses will have links to customers, clients and/or suppliers, but it’s the links to other business owners going through the same challenges, and to people who understand the ups and downs of being the one steering the ship, that can make a huge difference.

Through our daily interactions with business owners, we know that far too many feel isolated, overworked, and stressed. As a consequence, they are unaware of opportunities available to them, funding that can help them unlock growth, the network that can open their eyes to new ideas, or the way that legislation affects their business prospects.

Isolated people miss out on information and support

Just one shocking aspect of the sub-postmasters scandal is that individual Post Office branch owners were led to believe that they were the only ones accused. The isolation was part of the trap.

That’s when we realise that networking is more than talking to strangers over nibbles; it’s the absence of isolation.

Advice is more than just a thought for the day; it’s the unearthing of priceless information that wouldn't otherwise have been discovered.

These collective moments of realisation help us see that something taken for granted, or something slightly abstract, has real world benefits.

When a business receives a grant, it’s more than a grant; it’s the ability to invest in equipment to revolutionise a work process.

When being mentored, it’s more than that; it’s the wisdom of a peer who can teach you about the mistakes they made so you don’t have to.

You are part of something bigger

Ironically, when we realise that we’re #PartOfSomethingBigger, the world feels smaller, more manageable, easier to navigate.

To the business owners out there who feel isolated, know that you are not alone.

The Buckinghamshire business community is here for you, and so is Buckinghamshire Business First.

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