What do you need to do to get ready for Brexit?

Provide a few answers to a quick government questionnaire and you will receive a series of actions based on your exposure to Brexit, with links and advice to help you carry them out and timeframes for you to be aware of.

Business owners must not be complacent about Brexit. Whether the UK leaves the EU with a deal or without one, business owners must be prepared for Brexit itself.

The government has compiled a very quick questionnaire for business owners and individuals to fill out to discover their exposure to Brexit and learn the actions they need to take to prepare for it.

You will be asked about:

  • employing staff from European countries
  • importing and exporting
  • intellectual property
  • exchanging personal data with organisations in Europe
  • and more

You will then receive a series of actions with advice on how quickly you need to act, with suggested timeframes including "do it as soon as possible""it takes up to 7 days""it takes up to four weeks", and "it takes more than four weeks".

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Example of a completed questionnaire and actions to take

Below is just a snapshot of the advice and actions businesses would receive based on certain answers. The below actions are based on the example of a business that:

  • employs someone from a European country (EU or non-EU)
  • relies on intellectual property (IP) protection, specifically for trademarks and patents
  • imports from the EU
  • exports to the EU

Identify your Brexit exposure now

Fill in the quick questionnaire now and take heed of the advice and actions that you receive based upon your answers.

Visit our Brexit homepage for more information

Bookmark our Brexit homepage and return to it for advice, information and resources related to Brexit.


The above advice based on taking the government questionnaire is only an example based on hypothetical answers and features just some of the advice given as a result of answers provided.

Businesses should only act upon information and advice that relates to their specific circumstances. The above example did not include selecting a specific sector.

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