Work placements for students, designed by employers

Industry Placements help students learn work skills and how to apply them in the workplace, while employers fill their skills gaps and get fresh ideas. Learn about the benefits at a series of free events.

An industry placement is part of a T Level course - a new qualification for 16-19-year olds that have been designed by employers. T Level students spend 80% of the course in the classroom, learning the skills that employers need. The other 20% is a meaningful industry placement, where they put these skills into action.

Industry placements are a shift from traditional work experience to a longer, more structured placement in the workplace for young people to develop real work skills and make a meaningful contribution to your organisation. Placements will last at least 315 hours (approx. 45 days).

The government offers a £1,000 payment for each student an employer hosts.

Learn all about industry placements – free series of events

Events from the Department for Education and the Strategic Development Network (SDN) will cover different aspects of offering Industry Placements:

How do industry placements contribute to your workforce and what practical steps can you take?

Free online webinar, April 26th

Learn more about industry placements (and T Levels) and how you can make them a success for you and for students. Hear from SME employers who have hosted industry placements, learn the kind of challenges you can expect and how to overcome them.

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Introducing industry placements! A longer session for new participants

Free online webinar, May 12th

In this introductory session, you’ll explore all aspects of Industry Placements and how they contribute to the development of talent in the workforce.

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How might industry placements work for legal, finance and accounting roles?

Free online webinar, May 18th

This 1-hour webinar will help you understand industry placements in legal, finance and accounting roles, and how to make them a success for you and students.

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Interactive workshop: How do industry placements contribute to workforce development and what are the practical steps you need to take?

Free online workshop, May 10th

This interactive 2-hour session will help you start planning your industry placement by exploring the resources and staff that you’ll need, and will highlight the support available to help you, including how to access specialist 1-2-1 support.

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Why offer industry placements?

Industry placements give you:

  • fresh ideas and input from the next generation
  • a talent pipeline for the future
  • a way for you to fill skills gaps
  • a chance for staff to develop supervisory and mentoring skills
  • an opportunity to build a more diverse workforce
  • an enhanced reputation in your community

Discuss industry placements or your training and recruitment needs with BBF

Contact our Workforce Skills Adviser John Browning to discuss anything related to training, recruitment or the Industry Placement scheme. Email or call 01296 798774.

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