Xpress Labels brings positive change to Aylesbury community

Xpress Labels is a brand-new Ambassador investor in Buckinghamshire Business First. Through this investment, they have shown their commitment to the Buckinghamshire business community, and it's great to have them on board playing a big role in our connected and supportive community.

About Xpress Labels

Xpress Labels are one of the UK's fastest growing label manufacturers. Located across three production sites in the historic print town of Aylesbury, they are proud custodians of the town's traditional trade, and have a focus on the food, drink and chemicals sectors.

They recently took an innovative approach to supporting a great local cause - read their story in their own words.

From Press to Pitch

As part of its community partnership, Xpress Labels creates Panini-style foil labels for Aylesbury United F.C.

"Earlier this month, Xpress Labels proudly sponsored the Aylesbury United vs. Ware match, an event designated as Community Day by the club. With roots tracing back to the print works of the 1800s, our partnership with Aylesbury United extends beyond mere financial support. It is a relationship deeply embedded in our business ethos, reflecting our commitment to being a positive force within our local community."

Silver foil superstars

"As part of the Community Day festivities, we had the unique opportunity to produce silver foil stickers of some of the players. This initiative allowed younger fans to interact with their football heroes in a novel way at the match itself, which was exceptionally well-received. The designers at Xpress Labels, who are avid football fans and closely follow the club, were particularly enthusiastic about this project. Having close relatives of the same age as the younger fans, they understood the significant impact these labels could have on enhancing the matchday experience.

"The Panini-style, silver foil labels were printed on our state-of-the-art digital press, which is renowned for its superior quality and ability to bring designs to life with stunning clarity and colour depth. This technology ensured that each label was not only visually striking but also durable enough to withstand the excitement of the day. Knowing that they were making something special that the fans would treasure, the designers took great pride in their work."

Our community matters

"Several members of the Xpress Labels team were present at the game to support the Ducks and witness the community coming together. This event underscored the importance of bringing the Ducks home to a community stadium in Aylesbury, a cause we are privileged to support as part of our ongoing commitment to the community. Witnessing the joy and unity at the match reinforced our dedication to using our resources and expertise to support local initiatives.

"It was a proud moment for everyone at Xpress Labels, from the press to the pitch. This addition highlights the personal connection and professional pride the designers felt while working on the Panini style foil labels, enhancing the narrative of community and passion that runs through the entire event."

Supporting the pan-disability and children’s teams

Xpress Labels will continue to express immense pride in joining forces with Aylesbury United and contributing to the town’s vibrant legacy.

David Ross, Managing Director of Xpress Labels, said: “Our sponsorship supports the club’s pan-disability and children’s teams, reflecting our dedication to local growth and social impact. As Xpress Labels undergoes significant growth, this partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of continuing to revitalise the printing trade in Aylesbury, a town historically reliant on this craft.

"We are thrilled to be part of Aylesbury United’s journey towards securing a new home and ensuring that the printing trade not only survives but thrives for future generations. This collaboration is more than a partnership; it’s a shared dream of bringing positive change to Aylesbury, ensuring the Ducks’ legacy continues to resonate within our community.”

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