Inspire children in STEM with free resources from Red Helix

Interested in teaching primary school children about coding? Take up this great opportunity to access free resources developed by cyber security experts Red Helix.

Red Helix run Coding Clubs in local schools - and they are offering their lesson plans for free to any Buckinghamshire business interested in teaching coding to primary school students in their own local area.

The topics covered in each week of Red Helix's Coding Club are listed below. The team would be delighted to share full lesson plans with any organisation interested in rolling this out in their local community.

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Red Helix Coding Club – week by week
Week 1


  • What they are.
  • Where they are used.
  • How to program them.

First code - Light the LED up RED.

Extra activity if needed: How to make different colours.

Week 2

Build a Rainbow:

  • Light up 7 LEDs in different colours of the rainbow.

Extra activity if needed: challenge students to see who can make the most unusual colour!

Week 3

  • Constants and variables – how they make it easier to code.
  • Loops – show how Loops can be used to save typing lots of code.

Week 4

  • How to program random events.
  • How to use IF THEN ELSE statements to control your code.

Week 5

  • Put the frame together.
  • How the vinyl cutter works.
  • How 1 way and 2 ways mirrors work.
  • Make the infinity frame ready for final week.

Week 6

Put all knowledge together to code the final project.

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