Sponsorship opportunity - support BMT in our mission to provide the best musical opportunities for every child in the county

BMT is a charity with the mission to enable every child in Buckinghamshire to get the best musical education possible and to access a range of additional opportunities. Our team of over 80 teachers and leaders work with about 9000 children in Buckinghamshire across our range of musical activities, including about 90 ensembles in our music centres.


To continue to deliver this mission and support other partners in keeping the musical landscape in Buckinghamshire exciting, active and inclusive, we are looking for sponsors and patrons to support us to sustain some of the ‘above and beyond’ things we do and to enable the development of new, innovative projects to widen the opportunities for young musicians.

For more detail and a discussion about your bespoke CSR package or Patron profile please get in touch.

Offer details

Sponsorship benefits package
Type of offer:
Both B2B and B2C
Published date:
27 June, 2019
Expiry date:
30 September, 2019

How to redeem your offer

Buckinghamshire Music Trust
07984 387616