Are you interested in supporting a local artist's Edinburgh Fringe play?

In August of 2018, I am taking a one-man play to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, written by me and starring me. My name is Shaun Nolan and I'm a 19 year old Aylesbury resident who recently left the Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School after 7 years there. I have been working in the theatre sector since I was 14 years old as a critic for many London theatre websites and for the past year, I have been starting my career as a playwright and as a theatre producer. As the Edinburgh show's lead producer, I am currently in the stage of finding funding for the project to keep it on its feet. If you are interested in supporting local artists, please get in touch.

(Thank you to employee Ian for pointing me in the direction of this Q&A section).


Shaun, good luck with your quest. Ian

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