Can anyone help with supplying art & craft materials, paper/cotton bags, soap or chocolate at cost/reduced price or able to donate items to support children in care in Aylesbury Vale?

The Kindness Wave Aylesbury Vale project is making up well being art and craft packs to support children in care over the Summer. The packs will include art/craft materials and instruction sheets to help young people engage in art activities to help them relax and to offer comfort at this challenging time. 

The packs will be distributed by The Virtual School in the Aylesbury Vale area, the project is running only on the help of volunteers. 

We are keen to buy from local businesses as much as possible to support the local economy. We hope to make the most of the money we have raised by buying at reduced/cost price or receiving donations of the following items:

Paper bags, cotton tote bags, card labels, ribbon, all craft/art materials, sketch books, story books, colouring books, white or cream lampshades/aprons/pillowcases (for fabric painting on) soap, chocolate or any other items suitable for children.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.


Sorry for the late response to this question (I have only just become a member here). My wife runs an online stitching supplies operation and has some material offcuts and threads that she is willing to donate. There are plenty of on line cross stitch patterns (at a variety of difficulty levels) that could be used. Does this help - or are we too late?

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