Can we continue to work during this Coronavirus lock down

We are a small domestic gardening company and we have been advised (by the government help line) to furlough our staff as we are not essential workers.

But as the news is saying at the moment we should be able to keep working as we only work in twos (each van has a family member in it so we are living with the people we work with), we have insisted on no contact with our customers and we do not enter any property.

If painters and decorators, window cleaners and builders are working I am a bit shocked as to why I had that advice.  

Can anyone actually clarify this for me as my customers are beside themselves and want their gardens looked after. 


It seems like me you are in a grey area - I think you have to go with what the Government told you - I guess if the people are on the 12-week isolation then they will be given help. I think the guidelines would argue it is not essential but also it is worth bearing in mind the negativity that might surround you if you carry on working. I am sorry I know it is very difficult. Rachel

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