Toilet facilities required for NHS staff

The Women’s and Children’s Division of the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust have around 400 NHS staff who travel extensively to see their clients across the county. Due to the pandemic, they are no longer able to use the public toilet facilities they previously used whilst in their travels away from hospital sites.

Are there any businesses in Buckinghamshire that would allow NHS staff to use their toilet facilities when required? All staff have full PPE with them and follow NHS Trust safety protocols with their clients.

If businesses are able to offer facilities, COVID-19 safety protocols would be agreed and circulated to the staff.  It would be extremely well received by the NHS staff and of great assistance if we could find a solution to this important challenge.

If you are able to help please email:


We are a little out of the way, but any NHS staff travelling along the A41 are welcome to use our facilities from 01 October (when a dedicated COVID cleaner starts). Feel free to get in touch for more details.

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