Cyber security firm part of something bigger with Buckinghamshire Business First

In an increasingly digital world, security is becoming big business.

Cyber security and network experts Red Helix are continuing to expand their services and transform to adapt to the new challenges presented by artificial intelligence and increasingly sophisticated online attacks on businesses.

And it’s not just large firms that are under threat, all business are vulnerable to cyber attack. 

Michelle Caulfield-Harris, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Red Helix, said: “We’ve been operating for 40 years and have built longstanding relationships with some very large UK companies.

“But what we’ve done in the last three years is go through a business transformation to bring our services to smaller organisations in need of cyber security that don’t have large teams to operate the tools and technologies required.

Need for cyber security growing strongly

Red Helix is growing on the back of a huge need for stronger cyber security. 

“Cyber criminals are becoming much less picky about the organisations they target,” warned Michelle. 

“What they're doing is running automated bots and scripts that will look for vulnerabilities. And you will be on the target list purely because you've left a back door open in your cyber security.

“There's such a need for what we do, and businesses of all sizes need to be fortifying their cyber defences.

“Consumers are also becoming a lot less forgiving when breaches occur. It's becoming a business risk you are expected to manage, and that is leading to a very busy time at Red Helix.”

Benefiting from being part of BBF

The Aylesbury-based company joined BBF and has immediately benefited, recently becoming a BBF Ambassador business and helping drive the new "Being Part of Something Bigger" brand campaign.

“Attracting more local SMEs was our main reason for joining BBF. We have grown our network and met many of the fantastic businesses in the local area by attending networking events like the Business Leaders’ Dinners and Bucks Skills Show. We're also looking forward to getting involved in the Buckinghamshire Business Awards,” added Michelle.  

“We’ve also made valuable connections with schools and colleges in the area. For example, we run a coding club with two local primary schools, and we've met with higher education providers to look at what we can provide in terms of speakers, guest lecturers or short-term programmes to support an older age group of students.”

Young people a focus for recruitment

Local talent is very much at the forefront of recruitment at Red Helix.

Michelle explained: “At the Bucks Skills Show we met some very impressive students, so working with BBF and their team at Bucks Skills Hub has helped in terms of creating links with schools.

“We've always offered work experience to students – we took on a good number last year and we want to do more this year. Anything we can do to help stimulate interest in a tech career is a brilliant thing.

“Also, there's a skills shortage in the UK tech sector, especially in cyber security, so it’s important we do everything we can to encourage people to retrain or come direct from university or even school and let them see that working in STEM can be a great career.

“Whatever we can do to encourage people to join the sector will be a real benefit.”

Being ‘part of something bigger’ means being better

Red Helix is a shining example of how BBF membership works and highlights the benefits for businesses of all sizes of becoming part of a collective community that thrives on shared knowledge, unwavering support and endless growth opportunities.

Michelle said: “What we have been gaining through our membership is exposure to smaller local businesses who might not have heard of us before, and we have generated leads and opportunities for new business.

“Of all of the membership bodies that we're a part of, Buckinghamshire Business First makes it the easiest to contribute to and interact with - and the BBF team is particularly supportive and proactive.”

How to get more involved

Get your business more involved and be #PartOfSomethingBigger - visit

Because with Buckinghamshire Business First at your side, your team just got a whole lot bigger.