Be Part Of Something Bigger

Buckinghamshire Business First is more than just a support network; we are a dynamic, business-led community supporting both new ventures and established enterprises across Buckinghamshire. By doing more with our community, your business becomes part of a collective that thrives on shared knowledge, unwavering support, and endless growth opportunities. 

Join and get involved with thousands of businesses benefiting from our collaborative spirit, extensive network, access to funding opportunities, and strategic advice. Since our inception in 2011, sparked by the vision of 10 local entrepreneurs and business leaders, our 'doing-it-for-ourselves' mentality has fuelled the success of a vibrant business community, now boasting thousands of members – and still growing. 

With Buckinghamshire Business First at your side, your team just got a whole lot bigger. 


“The support I have had has been invaluable. It felt like I had a whole team of people dedicated to making my business a success, and money can't buy that sort of advice.”

- Kate Rumsey, Rumsey's Chocolaterie

It's more than... Advice

Join an environment where your innovative ideas find the backing they need to flourish. Become part of a collaborative network that empowers your journey with insightful advice, propelling you toward success.

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It's more than... Networking

It's more than just making connections; it's about being a vital part of an ecosystem that amplifies your network, opening doors to opportunities and forging lasting relationships that propel you to new horizons.

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It's more than... Knowledge

It's not just about acquiring information; it's about a collective sense of shared knowledge, where the competition is not ruthlessly shut out, but embraced in a collaborative environment.

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It's more than... Influence

If you're already a part of our vibrant community, it's time to discover the enhanced benefits of upgrading your membership. The more you get involved, the more you can influence the business environment now, and for future generations.

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“Everyone we spoke to at Buckinghamshire Business First knew exactly what we wanted and how to go about it, which just made everything very simple.”

- Kris Theophanous, Bradbury Tracks

It's more than... Support

Unlock a wealth of expertise from a community that transcends conventional business support. It's not merely about assistance; it's about joining a collaborative force that propels your business to new heights. 

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It's more than... Grants

Receiving funding is more than just getting some money; it's about taking advantage of an environment where your innovative ideas find the backing they need to flourish.

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It's more than... Opportunity

It's not just about chance; it's about creating an environment where doors open, possibilities unfold, and collaborative efforts converge to craft a landscape of boundless opportunities.

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It's more than... Mentoring

It's not just about guidance; it's about creating meaningful connections where experienced individuals and aspiring talents converge, where there's no such thing as a silly question and no end to the learning.

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“There is a real spirit of collaboration within the business community and a wealth of support available. Buckinghamshire Business First is a business's best friend.”

- Victoria Brocklesby, Origin Global