Peer Ngage

An online development programme for senior managers and MDs.

An exciting opportunity to invest in your own growth in a way that is flexible and affordable.

What to expect:

  • Experienced and trusted support 
  • Practical ways to take positive action 
  • Fresh thinking in developing ‘the art of the possible’ 
  • Collaborations in a friendly, professional and confidential environment 
  • Expert talks designed to help your business grow 
  • Opportunities to learn and benefit from collective experience 
  • Partner membership of Buckinghamshire Business First to raise your profile in the local business community

What do businesses say?

“Peer Ngage is exactly the right platform for anyone in any business looking to gain some leadership skills, experience, and a good network.”

- Matthew Swansbury, Saffery Champness LLP

How does the programme work?

  • Entirely online
  • Eight sessions, 2.5 hours each
  • Bonus two hours of 1-2-1 support

You will be:

  • Matched in groups with your peers – one for MDs, one for senior managers
  • Guided by knowledgeable and experienced Business Advisers
  • Supported to grow alongside your business

Payment information

Peer Ngage Annual

  • Single payment of £792 (£660 + VAT)

Peer Ngage Monthly

  • £79.20 per month for 10 months (£66 + VAT)
  • First payment will be taken as soon as you complete the Direct Debit mandate
  • Each subsequent payment will be taken at one-month intervals

*If for any reason you would like to set up an alternative arrangement, please contact the team at

Frequently asked questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions. Click on a question to expand. 

If your business has already invested in Partner Membership of Buckinghamshire Business First, one member of your team can become part of the Peer Ngage programme at a cost of £120, to be paid in full before commencing the programme. There is no option to pay this £120 monthly. Should you decide to cancel your Partner membership, the full cost of the programme will be payable as the discounted place would no longer be included with your package. For more information on this option, email

Yes. Depending on the format of the groups, we can accommodate more than one member of a business. The cost of participation for each additional member of the same business will be £500 + VAT.

By joining the Peer Ngage programme, you are committing your time and engagement to the group and your own self-development. Dates are published at the start of the programme to enable forward planning. No refunds will be given for non-attendance and no substitution of team members will be allowed in order to join the collaboration sessions. Members of your team may be invited to attend speaker sessions in your absence, in agreement with your fellow group members. 

We request a cancellation notice period of 3 months to withdraw from the Peer Ngage programme. If paying monthly, you may cancel your direct debit agreement after the 3-month notice period. If you paid upfront, we would refund you 1/12 of the total amount for each of the remaining months. If you wish to retain your Partner Membership, we will set up a new payment plan. Please email for more details.

What do businesses say?

“Find that time. It’s only a few hours a month, but you’ll get a lot of value.”

 - Janet Fricker, Delilah Cosmetics

Express an interest

If you are a business leader or senior manager who would benefit from an online peer networking and leadership development programme with a group of like-minded professionals, then Peer Ngage is for you.

For more details, email or call us on 01494 927130.