Buckinghamshire Business Festival: April 19th - 30th

At Buckinghamshire Business First, things are in full swing with key dates circled in our diary for the 2021 Buckinghamshire Business Festival fortnight from April 19th – 30th.

The Festival is a celebration of business here in the Entrepreneurial Heart of Britain.

And that’s not just a tagline; that’s a living, breathing philosophy that aims to create a continuous cycle of success. A cycle where businesses are supported to achieve great things, then celebrated for those achievements, then supported to achieve more success, then celebrated some more. And repeat. All the while, those businesses are used as inspiration to help new businesses get themselves on that same cycle of success.

How can the Buckinghamshire Business Festival help you join this cycle of success?

That may sound overly simplistic, and of course it demands hard work, sacrifice, good timing and a whole host of other intangibles, but that’s where the Buckinghamshire Business Festival fortnight comes in. It’s all about promotion – of businesses and their teams, products, services, innovations, expertise, and unique selling points.

If you don't seek out new businesses...

If you don't seek out new businesses, how do you know you're getting the best deal?

If you have a skills gap but do nothing to fill it, how will you grow?

If you are open to collaboration but are closed off from likeminded businesses…well, you get the drift.

So, how do you get involved?

The twist for this year’s festival is that – much like the twist for most events over the last 12 months – it takes place online.

Events will be held from locations all across the county and will provide the type of learning, networking and upskilling opportunities that made last year’s Festival such a triumph.

Events are hosted by Buckinghamshire Business First, our partners and our members.

See the events schedule here.

Your gateway to growth

With a diverse events schedule on offer, the Buckinghamshire Business Festival is your gateway to growth in 2021.

Learn more about the Buckinghamshire Business Festival.

You can also call 01494 927130 or email events@bbf.uk.com to speak to the team about booking on to a festival event.

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