Buckinghamshire New University: Bucks Business Awards sponsor

We are speaking to each of our brilliant Business Awards Sponsors to hear why they are involved with the awards.

Buckinghamshire New University - sponsors of the New Business of the Year Award

Buckinghamshire New University offers a range of professional courses to help develop your knowledge and that of your team, as well as bespoke training tailored to your needs. They also have a number of versatile spaces, including conference rooms, lecture theatres, seminar and study rooms, to support your business needs.

What do the Buckinghamshire Business Awards mean to Buckinghamshire New University?

"For us, these awards serve as a platform to celebrate the achievements of local businesses and entrepreneurs, showcasing their talent, dedication, and contributions to the region's economic growth. By sponsoring the New Business of the Year category, we actively support and recognise the innovative endeavours and promising start-ups emerging within Buckinghamshire.

"BNU’s involvement in the Buckinghamshire Business Awards aligns with our civic engagement mission to nurture talent, facilitate industry connections, and promote collaboration between academia and the business community, and highlights our role as a catalyst for positive change and prosperity in Buckinghamshire.

"The Buckinghamshire Business Awards are not just an event; they represent a shared commitment to excellence, entrepreneurship, and community building. Through our sponsorship, we are honoured to play a role in recognising and celebrating the outstanding achievements of businesses in Buckinghamshire, while also inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs and leaders."

What impressed and inspired you most about last year’s winners, Elite HNW, and the runners-up, Robinson Management Services and Two Spoons Tea?

"Elite HNW's impressive performance, surpassing revenue forecasts and achieving significant brand recognition, stands out as a testament to their strategic acumen and commitment to excellence. Despite challenges posed by the nature of their business, they maintain a dedication to community impact and innovative expansion.

"Robinson Management's focus on customer retention and staff training initiatives showcases their dedication to service excellence and industry credibility. Their expansion plans and ethical business practices further exemplify their commitment to sustainable growth and community engagement.

"Two Spoons Tea's ambitious growth plans and commitment to community engagement highlight their proactive approach to market competitiveness and social responsibility. Their focus on sustainability, exemplified by joining ethical partnerships and launching new product ranges, positions them well for attracting a wider customer base."

You are also a Stakeholder member of Buckinghamshire Business First. Does this, and your awards sponsorship, make you feel more closely connected to the local business community?

"Being a Stakeholder member of Buckinghamshire Business First and sponsoring the New Business of the Year Award undoubtedly fosters a closer connection to the local business community for Buckinghamshire New University, through strengthening ties, promoting networking, and showcasing BNU's dedication to the prosperity and growth of the local business landscape.

"Through collaborative knowledge transfer partnerships and other knowledge exchange collaboration opportunities, BNU fosters innovation, mutual learning  and entrepreneurship while supporting economic development, and driving innovation. Thus, we encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and new businesses to seize the opportunity to engage with us, leveraging our expertise and resources to catalyse their success and contribute to the vibrant business ecosystem in Buckinghamshire."

What would you say to anyone that is thinking of entering the New Business of the Year Award? (N.B. This article was published before the entry deadline, which has now passed)

"We highly encourage anyone considering entering the New Business of the Year Award to seize the opportunity. Participating in such awards not only provides valuable recognition and exposure for your business, but also offers a platform to showcase your achievements, innovation, and growth within the local community. Winning or even being nominated for such an accolade can significantly enhance your credibility, reputation, and visibility in the market, opening doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and potential investors.

"This is a fantastic way to celebrate your hard work, dedication, and success in launching and establishing a new venture. So, we encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and new businesses to embrace the chance to showcase their achievements and be part of the vibrant business community in Buckinghamshire."

Sponsorship opportunities available

There are lots of sponsorship opportunities available in connection to the Buckinghamshire Business Awards. Download the Sponsorship Opportunities brochure or email awards@bbf.uk.com for more information.

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