General Election 2024 - results

At Buckinghamshire Business First, we feel it is important for businesses in our county to be able to tell the people in power what their challenges are, what may be holding them back from growth, and where there are opportunities that can be tapped into.

We regularly hold events with MPs and bring real-life business issues to their attention and we look forward to working with each of our local MPs to continue this mission.

Congratulations to each elected Member of Parliament.

General Election 2024 - national result

Party Seats
Labour 412
Conservative 121
Liberal Democrat 72
Independent candidates 6
Reform UK 5
Green Party 4


Labour Party manifesto

You can read the Labour Party's official manifesto, where they set out, among other details, their plans to combat issues that are holding back the economy.

There are a number of accessible ways to read the detail of the manifestos, which are outlined below.

Local constituency results

Below are the results in the Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes constituencies.

See the full list of results in each constituency across the UK.


Candidate Votes
Laura Kyrke-Smith - Labour 15,081
Rob Butler - Conservative 14,451
Steven Lambert - Liberal Democrats 10,440
Lesley Taylor - Reform UK 6,746
Julie Atkins - Green Party 2,590
Jan Gajdos - Workers Party of Britain 516
Richard Wilding - Social Democratic Party 116


Candidate Votes
Joy Morrissey - Conservative 18,494
Anna Crabtree - Liberal Democrats 13,039
Matt Patterson - Labour 7,216
John Halsall - Reform UK 6,055
Dominick Pegram - Green Party 1,977
Pippa Allen - Independent 710
Catherine Harker - Social Democratic Party 131
Cole Caesar - Independent 104

Buckingham and Bletchley

Candidate Votes
Callum Anderson - Labour 17,602
Iain Stewart - Conservative 15,181
Jordan Cattell - Reform UK 7,468
Dominic Dyer - Liberal Democrats 4,300
Amanda Onwuemene - Green Party 2,590
Ray Brady - Independent 500

Chesham and Amersham

Candidate Votes
Sarah Green - Liberal Democrats 24,422
Gareth Williams - Conservative 18,971
Laurence Jarvis - Reform UK 5,310
Chris Chilton - Labour 3,502
Justine Fulford - Green Party 1,673
Muhammad Khan - Workers Party of Britain 466
Julian Foster - Heritage Party 111

Mid Buckinghamshire

Candidate Votes
Greg Smith - Conservative 20,150
Anja Schaefer - Liberal Democrats 14,278
Carissma Griffiths - Labour 9,171
Stephanie Harwood - Reform UK 6,926
Gregory Smith - Green Party 2,942
Yvonne Wilding - Social Democratic Party 337
Wisdom Da Costa - Climate Party 147

Milton Keynes Central

Candidate Votes
Emily Darlington - Labour 20,209
Johnny Luk - Conservative 12,918
David Reilly - Reform UK 6,245
James Cox - Liberal Democrats 4,931
Frances Bonney - Green Party 3,226
Alfred Saint-Clair - Heritage Party 200

Milton Keynes North

Candidate Votes
Chris Curtis - Labour 19,318
Ben Everitt - Conservative 13,888
Jane Duckworth - Reform UK 6,164
Clare Tevlin - Liberal Democrats 3,365
Alan Francis - Green Party 3,242


Candidate Votes
Emma Reynolds - Labour 16,035
Steve Baker - Conservative 11,444
Richard Phoenix - Reform UK 4,769
Toni Brodelle - Liberal Democrats 4,236
Khalil Ahmed - Workers Party of Britain 3,344
Catherine Bunting - Green Party 2,193
Ajaz Rehman - Independent 1,913
Ed Gemmell - Climate Party 489
Mark Smallwood - Independent 214

Boundary changes

There have been changes to the boundaries of most constituencies since the last general election in 2019, including all of those in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

The local constituency areas in 2024 are:

  • Aylesbury
  • Beaconsfield
  • Buckingham and Bletchley (NEW)
  • Chesham and Amersham
  • Mid Buckinghamshire (NEW)
  • Milton Keynes Central (NEW)
  • Milton Keynes North
  • Wycombe

Changes from 2019

  • The Buckingham constituency has now been split across three separate constituencies - the new Buckingham and Bletchley constituency, the new Mid Buckinghamshire constituency, and the existing Aylesbury constituency.
  • The Milton Keynes South constituency has now been split across three separate constituencies - the new Buckingham and Bletchley constituency, the new Milton Keynes Central constituency, and the existing Milton Keynes North constituency.

Even the constituencies that have the same name as before may well have changed their boundaries. Only 65 seats across the UK have no change to their boundaries, the remaining 585 seats have at least some change. More information on the boundary changes that have been made can be read on the House of Commons Library website.

Please note: Information on this page is correct at time of writing. For the latest updates, please check the Electoral Commission website.