Prepare your business for Brexit

The British Chambers of Commerce has produced a handy checklist of actions to take ahead of Brexit on things like hiring, training, and VAT.

Business Brexit checklist

The British Chambers of Commerce’s guide to preparing for Brexit covers several sections:

  • Workforce (e.g. future skills and staffing requirements)
  • Cross-border trade (e.g. customs checks, tariffs, Rules of Origin)
  • Taxation (e.g. import VAT)
  • Currency/intellectual property/contracts (e.g. currency volatility, trademarks)

Read the Business Brexit Checklist here >

Brexit in Buckinghamshire

Visit our Brexit in Buckinghamshire webpage for all the latest resources and information pertaining to Brexit, including:

  • Buckinghamshire County Council’s Brexit Report on how Brexit affects the county
  • Data on the number of jobs held in Buckinghamshire by EU passport holders
  • Links to government and Parliament webpages full of information on areas such as legislation, EU citizens’ rights, and the impact on the labour market
  • An overview of last year’s Buckinghamshire Brexit Summit

Visit the Brexit in Buckinghamshire page here >

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