Unitary authority: act now to ensure change

You don't have long left to have your say on the modernisation of local government structures. The consultation period ends on 25th May.

The need to make our local government structure fit for purpose has long been an issue for discussion and debate within the county. Back in March, after several months of careful consideration of two detailed submissions, the Secretary of State announced that he was “minded to” implement the proposal that will see Buckinghamshire’s current structure of county council and four district councils replaced by one unitary council.

A period of consultation is running until 25th May and if we as a business community want change, we will need to respond in support of the Secretary of State’s “minded to” decision.

We need the help of the business community to ensure that change happens, that we realise the potential savings to be made through restructuring, and that front-line services are delivered in the best and most efficient way possible.

You can add your voice to the Buckinghamshire Business First response that will support the Secretary of State’s “minded to” decision by clicking here before 16th May 2018.

Read the Secretary of State’s statement here >

The view in support of a unitary authority

Buckinghamshire County Council has asked us to share an ‘Open Letter to Businesses’ on the topic >

Research into a unitary structure for local government

Back in 2014 Buckinghamshire Business First crowdfunded research into what benefits might result from a restructuring of local government in Buckinghamshire.

You can read the two submissions made to the Secretary of State here:

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