The Growth Programme offers free professional advice, practical support, and masterclasses to boost your business. Connect with local business owners and experienced advisers to improve productivity and profitability.

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Find new ways to meet your business challenges 

The Growth Programme offers FREE professional advice and practical support for businesses in Buckinghamshire 

  • Improve business productivity and turnover 
  • Find new solutions to existing challenges 
  • Join relevant and beneficial masterclasses 
  • Connect with other business owners and grow your local network 
  • Work with an experienced Business Adviser, who has run their own business 

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Growth Programme Feedback

92% of Growth Programme participants were satisfied with the outcome of the advice.

94% of Growth Programme participants were satisfied with the service received.

Growth Programme participants described the advice they received as supportive, informative, useful, and helpful.

They were also delighted with the service they had received, describing it as clear, knowledgeable, valued, and relevant.

"The Growth Programme has helped me to formulate the business plan and crystalise my ideas as to how to grow the business and move forward positively." - Amanda Carthy, QueenMee
"I found the course extremely useful. It’s given me so much to think about and I’m very keen to start implementing Lean processes into our business. I think the whole concept is going to help us grow as a business. Exciting stuff!" - Chris Goodliffe, Analogue Wonderland
"The information and advice gathered from this programme and the ability to share with other business owners is priceless." - Pany Yianni, Yianni Motors Ltd
"The Growth Programme has been extremely helpful for me to grow my business and navigate difficult tasks or roadblocks." - Luke Merrilees, Niclen UK
"The Growth Programme helped us get investor ready. The adviser made an introduction to a venture capital firm that led towards an offer that is in an advanced stage of sign off." - Steven Frost, Workbuzz
have increased their turnover
have improved their profitability
have improved their productivity
actioned growing their business

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Buckinghamshire Business First's Growth Support Service is funded by the UK Government through the Shared Prosperity Fund which is managed by Buckinghamshire Council.