Business Awards Sponsor in the Spotlight: CUBE

As we build up to the 2021 Buckinghamshire Business Awards, we are speaking with each of our amazing awards sponsors to find out why they wanted to be involved.

This week, we take a closer look at CUBE, sponsors of the Excellence in Customer Service category.

What does it mean to CUBE to be involved with the Buckinghamshire Business Awards?

"As a proud Buckinghamshire-based business and a previous winner of the New Business of the Year Award in 2017, we understand how important these awards are for businesses of all shapes and sizes in both recognising achievements and providing a platform for businesses to grow. Whether it’s winning or being a finalist in a Buckinghamshire Business Awards category, we have found that this prestigious and well-recognised accolade has helped shape our own business growth.

"With all that has happened over the past year, there couldn't be a more important time to bring together the local business community and reward outstanding businesses who have achieved great things in a turbulent time. This is why we are proud to support this year's awards and look forward to seeing the finalists and winners."

Why did you want to sponsor the Excellence in Customer Service category?

"Customer service is at the heart of every business and in recent times has played an even more important role in supporting clients and nurturing business relationships. We wanted to sponsor the Excellence in Customer Service Award in order to see and hear about the inspirational customer service provided by Buckinghamshire businesses, and to be involved in identifying the finalists and winner in such an important category."

How vital is it to recognise the high standard of service provided by businesses in the county?

"The Buckinghamshire Business Awards are a pivotal part of the Buckinghamshire community, and with a diverse and vibrant business community it is key that businesses are recognised for their outstanding level of service, contributions and achievements. We are always impressed by other local businesses and enjoyed reviewing their entries."

Why are CUBE particularly keen to recognise the good work being done at this time?

"As a business that prides itself on creativity and service, we understand the importance of providing a high standard of customer service. Over the past 12 months, most businesses have been on an incredibly difficult journey whilst facing a wide range of issues, many of which are out of their control. It takes an incredibly resilient business, with an impactful team and incredible customer service, to survive in competitive times, regardless of the added pressure that was brought to businesses in 2020.

"The CUBE Team believes that it’s now more important than ever to shine the spotlight on businesses that have maintained a high level of customer service regardless of the situation."

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Entries are now closed for the awards. Finalists will be announced on 29th April 2021.

Keep an eye on the Buckinghamshire Business Awards webpage for more details.

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