Company Registrations, Q2 2019

There were 1,712 businesses registered in Buckinghamshire in the second quarter of 2019 (April to June), according to Companies House, the highest quarterly total since we began collecting this data in Q1 2016.

This brings the total of the last year to 5,735, again the highest four quarter total on record.  Registrations in Buckinghamshire were 33.0 per cent higher in Q2 2019 than in Q1 2018 and rose 16.6 per cent compared to the previous quarter.

Only nine of the 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships bettered England’s rate of new company registrations in the last quarter, with Buckinghamshire ranking 6th with 39.9 registrations for every 10,000 residents aged 16 or over.  Buckinghamshire ranked 3rd among county council areas behind Worcestershire[1] (59.7) and Hertfordshire (43.7).

South Bucks recorded Buckinghamshire’s highest new registration rate with 52.2 registrations per 10,000 residents aged 16 or over, to rank 34th among the 380 local authority districts in Great Britain and 21st highest outside London.  Aylesbury Vale also bettered the national rate at 45.0 to rank 47th, ahead of Chiltern (33.3, 92nd) and Wycombe (32.7 94th).

Table 1: Business registration rates, Q2 2019

Sources: Companies House, 2019; MYPE, ONS, 2019

Companies engaged in freight transport by road were the most commonly registered businesses in Buckinghamshire in the last quarter with 206 registrations or 12.2 per cent of the total, ahead of management consultancies (other than financial management) with 94 registrations (5.5 per cent) and the buying and selling of own real estate (72, 4.2 per cent).  Other common business activities included information technology consultancy activities (69, 4.2), other building completing and finishing (57, 3.3), event catering activities (49, 2.9), and other business support service activities (41, 2.8).

The geography of new company registration is presented in the map at the end of this bulletin.

Table 1: Local authorities’ business registrations per 10,000 residents (16+), Q2 2019

Sources: Companies House, 2019; MYPE, ONS, 2019

Table 3: New business registrations for every 10,000 residents (16+) by LEP, Q2 2019

Sources: Companies House, 2019; MYPE, ONS, 2019

[1] Worcestershire’s figures include 996 registrations in a single postcode (B60 3DX)

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