Who doesn’t love a freebie or discount?

Thanks to our Member Offer feature, you can grab a great offer from the Buckinghamshire business community - and create your own offer.

Bringing local businesses together is a big part of what we do at Buckinghamshire Business First – and Member Offers are a win-win for both parties; those that make the offer and those that take up the offer.

What is a member offer?

When a business creates an offer to provide a product at a discounted price - that's a member offer.

When a business creates a free introductory taster session for its services - that's a member offer.

When a business lists a free 'how to' guide - that's a member offer.

You can also see what member offers are all about on the offers page itself.

Who can create a member offer?

Do you promise to keep reading after this next sentence…? Member offers can be created by Stakeholder, Partner and Ambassador members.

That means you would need to invest in one of our membership packages – but don’t worry, there are so many benefits to these packages that you’ll be spoilt for choice for ways to get your return on investment.

If you are already an invested member, why not create your own offer now?

Why create your own offer?

This one’s simple – because people like getting things for free or at a discounted price.

As long as you offer something that businesses need, you will get interest.

And if the value of the offer is more about what the other business will get rather than the cost you are charging, you are more likely to create a return customer who will go on to pay full price in future.

Of course, where there are businesses that create offers, there are businesses that take up those offers.

Why take up a member offer?

This one’s also simple – because you’ll get something that benefits you, and you’ll get it for free, or at a discounted price. It really is that simple.

Have a look at all of the current offers here >

They may also inspire you to create your own offer.

Want to learn more about this opportunity?

If you’d like to explore investing in a membership package and creating a member offer, contact our Membership Executive Maxine Todd Akerman at membership@bbf.uk.com or call 01494 927130.

You can also read all about the investment packages in your own time, here.

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