Impact of COVID-19 on the Buckinghamshire economy

Buckinghamshire LEP, working in partnership with Buckinghamshire Business First and Buckinghamshire Council, is gathering and analysing evidence of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Buckinghamshire economy.

This report is a working document that is updated over time.

In summary (from the last update on July 19th 2021):

  • The local economy is slowly continuing to recover from the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • There is a slow increase in both the proportion of businesses that are trading and businesses that have permanently ceased trading
  • The proportion of firms with cash reserves of three months or less is slowly decreasing
  • Just under one third of firms report lower than normal turnover for the time of year, down from around 60% in June 2020
  • Around a third of the workforce are estimated to be working remotely
  • The number of residents claiming out-of-work benefits fell in May to the lowest levels in 12 months
  • Job postings are at their highest level for over a year
  • Journeys to retail / recreation centres are now only about 10% below pre-pandemic levels

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Last updated: 19/07/2021

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