Would you benefit from a business mentor?

We have brought together a group of expert business leaders to act as mentors to others, offering first-hand advice and guidance based on their real experiences of running a business.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes – there’s nothing wrong with admitting that.

People who run a business are no different – and that’s why we created our Mentoring Programme to connect business owners for the purposes of supporting, teaching and learning in all aspects of business.

This free mentoring programme offers first-hand advice and guidance based on real experiences of running a business.

We're already seeing results!

We’ve already seen amazing results through this programme. Read all about the experiences of Carys Dorritt from The Polka, and Thalia Shaw of Sparkle Lighting.

And what better time to reach out for mentoring support then with National Mentoring Day just around the corner?!

Join this free programme

It’s really quick and easy to join our Mentoring Programme and benefit from the wisdom and experience of other business owners.

Simply contact George Hunt, Business Support Coordinator, at george.hunt@bbf.uk.com or on 01494 927139.

Or book in a chat with our Business Support Team and one of our Business Advisers will tell you what you need to know.

You can develop your skills and performance, and your business can reach the next level!

Learn more about our Mentoring Programme here.

Learn more about National Mentoring Day - it takes place on Thursday 27th November and you can find loads of inspiration connected to mentoring on the official website.

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