Buckinghamshire's economy - July 2019

The latest research on Buckinghamshire's economy is in, giving us a greater understanding of how business, social and economic landscapes are changing over time.

Buckinghamshire’s Demography

Buckinghamshire’s population rose by 4,141 in 2018 to reach 540,059.  At 0.8 per cent, the county’s annual rate of increase was the 4th highest among the 26 county council areas, ranking 6th among England’s 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs).

International migration made the largest contribution to the increase, with in-migration 1,601 higher than out-migration, ahead of natural change (1,438) and internal migration (996).

Aylesbury Vale’s population has risen by 10.3 per cent since 2013, an increase of 18,573 residents.  This has been the 8th highest rate of growth among the 371 local authorities in Great Britain.

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Fuel Poverty in Buckinghamshire

In 2017, 17,150 or 8.0 per cent of households in Buckinghamshire were fuel poor, meaning that their required fuel costs are above average and were they to spend that much their residual income would be below the poverty line. This figure is below the 8.2 per cent of households recorded in 2016 and the 8.4 per cent recorded in 2015.

With 8.0 per cent of Buckinghamshire households fuel poor, Buckinghamshire has only the 24th highest rate of fuel poverty among the 27 county council areas in England. 

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Company registrations

There were 1,712 businesses registered in Buckinghamshire in the second quarter of 2019 (April to June). This brings the total of the last year to 5,735.

Buckinghamshire ranked 3rd among county council areas and 6th among LEPs with 39.9 registrations for every 10,000 residents aged 16 or over in the last quarter.

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Private sector rents

At £1,113 per month, mean private sector rents in Buckinghamshire are 29.7 per cent higher than across England as a whole, ranking 3rd highest among the 27 county council areas and 4th among the 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs).

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Claimant count

Buckinghamshire’s claimant count rose for an eighth successive month in June to stand at 4,350, the highest it has been since February 2014.  At 1.3 per cent of working age residents, Buckinghamshire has the 2nd lowest claimant count rate among both the 26 county council areas and the 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs).

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Labour market

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